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What Is A Domain

There are a ton of possibilities for people that would like to create a website. There are a multitude of hosting services that provide web space for anyone that is interested in getting that. What most people do not think about, however, is the domain. The hosting platform is simply where files are uploaded and pages are stored. Some people choose to get both the domain and hosting services through one company.

The domain name is what people are using to access the site. This is what they are going to be able to type in to get to the website that you create. A lot is involved in the process of the domain that works behind the scenes that most website visitors will never see.

When people get a domain setup they have access to a physical site, but behind the scenes there is an IP address that the visitors of the website are accessing. When people pay for a domain they are essentially paying for domain name resolution resources as well. What the resolution does is take the IP address that is associated with the website name and allow people to access the website by way of the website name as opposed to the IP address.

Establishing Your Domain

HostGator is one of those web hosting platforms that provides people with hosting and domain services. This is where a lot of people sign up for a website because they acquire a HostGator domain coupon for this type of website activation. In many cases people will make a transfer of their domain from one web hosting platform to another when they find a better deal. This is how a lot of customers come to hosting platforms like HostGator. They find themselves with the ability to get a better discount on their domain and their web hosting platforms and they make a switch from one environment to another.

Choosing the Best Options

The domain is always going to be cheaper than the actual hosting platform, and most people would agree that it is convenient to have the domain and hosting platform all under one environment. This is why a lot of people switch to HostGator. They like the price model that is in place for a combination of a domain and hosting platform. The good thing about having the ability to put everything in one place is that you can reference what you are trying to access all in one place.

In some cases the domain and the hosting platform are one. People that sign up for some hosting environments may be able to get a free domain name.

Getting the Right Deal for Your Website

One of the best things about starting a website is the wide range of options that you have at your disposal. It is easy to get a plan that is going to fit exactly what you want when it comes to getting your own domain. There are some people that may want a .com extension. Others may want a .gov or a. net. There are a lot of options to consider, and people that want to have multiple domains can also get multiple domain names tide all into one website.

The great thing is that you can buy and reserve a domain name even if you do not have a website at the moment. If you are in fear that someone may be planning to buy a domain that you may be interested in you can purchase it and put up the website later once you have web pages.