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Shared Hosting vs. Cloud Hosting

It is when a service provider serves a lot of users at one time. The one benefit is that you cut down on expenses this way. The one disadvantage is that space is not yours. You are limited to what you can do. That can be a drawback to big businesses. The traffic is not going to get through the way you want.

What is Cloud Hosting?

It is basically an alternative to those who use single servers. You are using a virtual server, not a physical one. The platform comes built-in to the internet and is accessed remotely. There is an ongoing debate as to which one is better. I am going to list some of the pros and cons below. I leave it up to you to decide for yourself.

The Uptime

The myth involving shared hosting is that it guarantees a 99% uptime. That can be difficult to achieve. When one site has a high traffic, then another is going to have low traffic. There is no way around it. It is similar to letting someone down. No matter what choice you make, you are going to be making someone unhappy. Think of it in that vain.

On the other hand, the cloud has impeccable uptimes. You are still sharing space, but it does not necessarily reflect you. When one place is having issues, the site gets moved to another platform in the cloud. You are not going to feel the impact as much.

What About Support?

Cloud hosting wins this one, hands down. The cloud has more resources at their disposal. Everything from the databases to the bandwidth is more accessible. That goes for their staff too. You are going to get more of a response with the cloud. The shared hosting has more issues with their resources, including their staff. What happens when one place exceed the limit, and everything burns out? Your site is going to be affected, unfortunately. You are going to face some uncertain downtimes.

The Bonuses

The shared hosting wins this round, hands down. Everything is a competition. Companies are competing like crazy for your business. That means they are in a better position to offer more “bonuses” when you sign up. They want your business. Companies do what it takes to sign people up. The cloud does not come equipped with these options. What options they do have are limited. That can be a plus or minus. It depends on how you view things.

The Security

The security is more vulnerable with a shared host platform. Once a hacker has access to one site, the others ones become more penetrable. The other downside is that hackers can get back in later. They a mark that lets them. The cloud does not have that problem. They win this one, hands down. The reason is that the cloud exercises more absolute control over everything they do.

Peformance and Speed

The cloud wins this round because it has more options and is scalable. The Shared option suffers through too much interference. The cloud has more resources they can use.

The Price

Shared Hosting wins this round because it is cheaper. You pay more for cloud hosting.


Everyone prefers something different from their Bluehost user platform. There is no right or wrong choice. You need to pick the platform that better suits your needs. Do not forget your Bluehost discount at checkout!