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How To Forward A Domain

What Does Forwarding A Domain Mean?

Simply put, it directs or redirects visitors to the owner’s new site, keeping the site in the user’s address browser. You can do that with either a domain or a subdomain. Sometimes a site owner does that when one of their sites is down or compromised in some fashion.

The focus is on the GoDaddy Site.

  1. The first thing you should do is go to the DNS Mangement Page. You should find it within the control panel or the Network system. Every computer is different, so you might need to look at a few places before you find the tab.
  2. Click on it and go to the forwarding section.
  3. Click on the domain portion and add in a new name.
  4. Use the “HTTP” syntax and enter in the address you want the site forwarded to.
  5. You need to select the type of forwarding you want. Do you want something temporary? Click on the 302 code. Do you want something more permanent? Click on the 301 code.
  6. Your next step is to choose between masking and unmasking. The “forward only” completes the step without masking. The masking option keeps the address from appearing in the browser winder. Users need to use meta tags to find the new site. Think of that as an extra precaution to protect your new site from hackers. FYI: Did you choose the mask option? Users need to enter a title, description, keyword, or all three to find you.
  7. Click the save button and you are done. FYI: Do you want to remove the mask? Go to the DNS Management Page and go to the icon. Click the pencil and move it to the trash. Hit save and you can exit.

There are some potential problems that can arise from performing this task

  1. Your computer might not be compatible with this action. A lot of the older computers are incompatible. Did you remove the Javascript part? Your computer might not be able to support this action.
  2. The meta tags might not work on the older computers. The information comes up masked whether you selected that preference or not. You are going to become a ghost whether you like it or not. It is a possibility.
  3. You are not going to be able to use your new domain name to advertise. It is still going to be filed under your old name. I hope that is not a problem for some of you. Your old webpage still shows up in the files online.
  4. Say Chad decides to move his new domain from the domain itself and use a new URL address. His information might get lost in the process. That means he will work overtime to reenter the information contained in his old files.
  5. You are now dependent on two services, the old domain, and the new one. That means less control and reliability.
  6. You might be dealing with other people’s ads, less credibility, less space, new rules, etc. In other words, your old Go Daddy site was yours. Your new redirected site might not be. It is worth considering.

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