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IPage is one of the least expensive and most popular web hosting companies. They offer dedicated, virtual and shared hosting plans. Use a iPage coupon to save a lot of money.


Get $500 in Extras

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As soon as you have hosted your website with iPage, you will get over $500 in extras. You will get 1GB storage, WordPress building tools, security tools and credits for Bing or Google.
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Hosting Account for $1 per Month

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Save 83% On Monthly Plans + Free Domain Name

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About iPage

Update: August 2020

IPage is one of the least expensive and most popular web hosting companies. They offer dedicated, virtual and shared hosting plans. The company was created in 1998, offers a variety of hosing plans and has two data centers in Boston, Massachusetts. This is an excellent choice for growing businesses, new businesses and the owners of new startups. There are offers for clients for an iPage coupon with an iPage coupon code, deals and promos.

The iPage Essential Plan with Unlimited Hosting

This is the most popular plan for web hosting and includes a website builder, email, domain and file management. The website builder is easy to use and provides numerous free templates. The service is reliable, affordable and offers support 24/7. Businesses can use the same shared hosting account to host multiple websites. Multiple MySQL databases and email addresses can be added with expansion to Dedicated hosting or VPS if necessary. iPage also provides a 30 money back guarantee. iPage offers unlimited email accounts, bandwidth and space but there is a limit to the number of websites with the shared hosting plan.

The average user will be able to add as many websites as they want, use the bandwidth they require and create numerous emails with no issues. Only extremely large companies and corporations will experience excess server usage. The unlimited hosting is designed to accommodate normal business activity without using more server resources than available for the account. If excess usage unexpectedly occurs, iPage will not close the customers account. They simply notify the customer and explain what changes are necessary. This is an excellent plan for marketing, business websites, simple blogs and emails. An excellent way to begin is with an iPage coupon.

Building a Website with iPage

The average person will not have any issues building a website with iPage because it does not require a lot of technical skills. The control and site builder were designed to accommodate individuals without any experience with web hosting or building web sites. The control panel is called vDeck and is based on software enabling the user to perform certain tasks on their account without knowing any programming. The control panel is well designed, categorized and organized to enable the user to perform all necessary tasks. A nice icon is included to make the process even easier. It only requires a couple clicks to upload files, add the existing domain, use the site builder to create the site, add email accounts, etc.

It is easy to customize and create a website due to the Weebly Drag and Drop Builder. As soon as the user logs in for the first time they can begin creating their website for hosting their account. The process begins by finding the Weebly icon located in the control panel interface. The domain name for the website is added and the user is ready to create their page. The interface tool enables the user to select from hundreds of free templates for their design. The selected elements are dragged and images, text, slideshows, galleries and social icons can be added. The user can create multiple pages such as a contact page and about us page. The mobile view is for testing the design. Once satisfied, the user simply clicks the publish button. The website requires a few seconds to process then appears online and is visible.

Building Specific Website Types

iPage offers numerous options including selling products online by building an online store. There is premium software available on the control panel for an additional charge. The SimpleScript application is included in the original plan and can easily be installed and configured. There are several different shopping scripts available to build an ecommerce website. The user needs to decide which software they prefer for building their ecommerce store.

One of the most popular platforms for open source blogging is WordPress and millions of websites use it. This enables the user to create their blog and nearly any kind of website. WordPress can be installed in seconds with the SimpleScript tool. It is important to note if the business is using open source software to run their hosting account the plugins and software must be kept up to date. If they are outdated, the site can be compromised. Businesses using only WordPress may want a more powerful and advanced package option. There are two optimized hosting plans available for WordPress. These are the WP Essential and the WP Starter. These plans do not offer the same pricing as the standard hosting package but the WordPress sites perform better and the security is higher.

A Joomla website can be built with iPage. This system provides excellent open source content management and is nearly as popular as WordPress. There is enough flexability to build almost any kind of website such as an online store, educational, company presentation, online community site or nonprofit. Jooma requires more server resources than WordPress and too many extensions will cause the performance to decrease.

Drupal is not used as often but a lot of popular news sites, non-profits and governmental websites use it. iPage is the right web host for developers who like Drupal. If the website has already been built and is being hosted with a different company or an HTML website has been created it can be uploaded to the iPage account. The process is extremely simple if the website is not using database. The business sets up an FTP account and an FTP client is used to upload the files. This can also be accomplished with the File Manager tool and the need for third party software is eliminated. The control panel is used to directly upload the files to the desired folder.

The Additional Benefits of Web Hosting with iPage

iPage also offers an option for a free domain. The infrastructure is excellent for hosting and uses the newest software and hardware technologies to make certain clients receive the best performance. The company has a lot of good reviews and their pricing is extremely reasonable.

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