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Dreamhost is one of the best web hosting service. They offer a great variety of products you can choose from. We can offer you Dreamhost coupons that will save you a lot of money.

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About Dreamhost

Update: July 2020

Web hosting is a service that an individual or business can have and share there server or web space with others. Businesses, organizations, and individuals can pay a small price for their website(s) or webpages to be viewed or stored on the internet webhost’s server. However, webhosting can be expensive, depending on the needs that the individual or business may need for their viewers or customers. When anyone that surfs the internet wants to view a webpage or website they can type in the web address or domain name into the browser to get to the site.

What’s So Important About Webhosting?

Dreamhost Website developers depend on having a great webhost. A great webhost will give your website the ability to deliver custom information or products in a fast response from the webhost’s storage or server. Not only should a great webhost give web developers speed and a great response time, but accessibility is a must as well. Web surfers must have the ability to access and view webpages at any time.

Another thing to consider when choosing a webhost, is the ability of the webhost to have continual availability or very little down time. Downtime is important to a business or individual that has clients or customers accessing their websites or webpages. Downtime is any time that your webpage or website is inaccessible, meaning viewers or surfers can not see your information or products. It is best to consider how many hits you expect to have on your website or webpage, this is important because you don’t want your site or page to crash and cause your site to have downtime.

Lastly, Dreamhost’s customer service is key to a great relationship with web customers and surfers that visit your website or webpage. Make sure to select a webhost that has great customer service and that the customer service is available 7 days a week. Having a webhost with great customer service will ensure that if you have any questions or if anything happens to your webpage or website; someone in their customer service department is available to assist you at anytime. There’s nothing like receiving bad publicity due to a webpage or website not performing up to its potential. Bad publicity could cause loss of business or lack of interest in your webpages or websites.

Types of Webhosting

There are many different types of webhosting, depending on what your needs are will determine which one to research and decide on using. Each one has its own unique features to offer individuals or business to gain their patronage. Knowing what type of webhost to use is half the battle of choosing a great one. So, before looking at prices, look into the packages offered and the technology that is used to support there services and servers.

As a side note, a lot of webhost offer e-mail services. Having an e-mail service with the webhost of your choice is a great way of having a uniform look for your webpage and website. By using there e-mail services your emails will match up with your webpage or website naming scheme, this will definitely give your viewers or customers a way to remember your site.

Let’s start with webhosting for beginners, for instance, shared hosting. Shared webhosting is great for newbies because you do not have to configure any setting, the work is basically done for you. With a shared webhost the focus will be on you developing and building your webpage or website. This is a great start-up, less hassle and don’t forget you have the support of the webhost’s customer service. In addition, the cost to buy into the host’s server is cheaper, because multiple users are also buying into the webhost server.

Now the downside of using a shared hosting is the fact that it is inexpensive, therefore there are more users on the server. Basically, the downside is DOWNTIME, which is definitely a possibility if you go with a shared hosting webhost. Shared hosting is best used for individuals, small businesses that do not have much web traffic to their sites, or a business that has limited funds due to just starting up. Remember, to always consider what you need before deciding on what type of webhost to buy into. Do your research Bluehost and InMotion Hosting are just a few listed as shared webhosts.

Virtua Private Server

Next, is VPS or also known as a Virtual Private Server. VPS is also a shared host setup, but more robust. It is almost like having your own dedicated server, because there is a middle man sort of speak. VPS uses one main server with several satellite servers, which serve as a buffer so that no one client take up more storage than another. It is also a scalable service, meaning that if your business is growing or your individual needs increase, you can request more storage space.

VPS however, is more pricey due to the fact that it is more robust and can handle more web traffic. Two other benefits of VPS includes, the ability to customize settings and to increase storage size without affecting others. Here the only downside is the cost and the responsibility that comes along with customization of settings. If you chose this route make sure that you are really familiar with file sharing and coding, because you don’t want to lose precious files. Losing important files will prose a problem for your website or webpage. Dreamhost and also surprisingly InMotion Hosting, both offer great VPS shared hosting.

As a side note Dreamhost offers a dreamhost coupon for their services. Dreamhost is renown for their speed and availability (virtually no downtime), their success as a webhost boasts over two decades of experience. By using the dreamhost coupon customers can buy into a premium service offering items such as: domain name, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, free website, and it comes with a money back guarantee. The dreamhost coupon offers a minimum amount for Dreamhost services, as low as $15/month.

Lastly, we have the dedicated hosts, this is typically for businesses that need major control over their security setup and privacy; or those that have special needs that are beyond the capabilities of a VPS or shared host. Dedicated hosts, means that you are in control of the server it is your server alone. The upside security, no threat of anyone breaching and stealing your resources. The downside, cost, having this form of webhost is costly and will need someone that is very familiar with the software to maintain it. GreenGeeks and a few others are great for this type of webhosting.

The Future of Webhosting

There is another type of Dreamhost webhost that is strongly becoming popular in this era and future eras of technology. That webhost is Cloud Hosting. Cloud Hosting is similar to VPS, but it uses a dynamic power resource from multiple networks and computers. Cloud Hosting is seamless and combines all the benefits of VPS and more. The upside it can be increased at your request and the resources come from multiple sources, which is great for security issues. The downside is price changes, it is more of a pay as you go type of charge. Basically, your charge will be based on your use.

Cloud Hosting is great and Dreamhost and Google Cloud and Amazon are a few of the greats in this arena. As you can see knowing is truly half the battle of choosing a great webhost. Do your research, think about your needs and how you want your website or webpage to perform, and lastly consider the costs. Happy hunting!!!

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